a gospel powered disciple making movement


Hi! Welcome to the wegather website. We encourage you to spend some time finding out about wegather.

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For starters:


wegather isn’t our name & we didn’t start the movement. We are people responding to a movement that started in the beginning & will continue on in eternity.

Our identity comes from who we are & what we are becoming rather than something as restricting & limiting as a single title or name. We realize, sometimes titles are helpful to distinguish differences or likenesses or to assist in providing definition. We’re not against the idea as it’s been rather helpful for humanity throughout the ages. However, there are times when titles & names blur understanding, cause confusion, or provide an opportunity to stereotype, discriminate, or limit potential. There’s a lot of that going on these days, even in places where it really shouldn’t be.



we understand that the lack of a clear, distinguishable name or title may be uncomfortable to some. Some may even go so far as to conclude in their minds that all of this is ridiculous, unnecessary, or unhelpful. We’re grateful that God has given humanity such freedoms. Nonetheless, if detractors can suspend their personal judgements, we believe there is purpose in our chosen namelessness. This choice will not externalize by pursuing comfort, success, or or the exaltation of self. We gather together, associate, & proliferate throughout the world by a Way & a Power that transcends a name like wegather.

That’s the hope.


wegather isn’t attempting to be an institution. There are plenty of those already out there, & we don’t believe creating another one of them is necessarily helpful for the mission we are on. Though we are gladly complying with government requirements so we can financially operate, Jesus didn’t seem to find institutions necessary to fulfill his vision; filled with His Spirit, neither do we. We are in this world but we are becoming less & less of it so that we might be helpful to it, which is all very contrary to the idea of institutionalizing.

wegather isn’t a brand, though we have been given a seal, a mark, or a distinguishable characteristic of sorts. When we are empowered by this mark, we will be distinguishable from humans that aren’t empowered by this mark. You’ll recognize it by who we are & how we love one another. If it’s not recognizable, it’s either because you’d prefer not to see it or it’s not there. Either way, something is terribly wrong & needs to be transformed.

wegather doesn’t exist to be an organization, though we are organized as well as being organized. More accurately, we are an organism; an eternal organism directed by one Head or Leader, & empowered by one Spirit, His. & since He is organizing His people in all contexts all over the world, it would be silly of us to point to ‘our’ organization as His organization is THE organization.

wegather isn’t a church. The word church is an etymological disaster of epic proportions, having been culturally appropriated to hijack the greatest transcendence of all time. It’s an example of a name or title that has blurred & confused. Churches are culturally referred to as buildings, institutions, events, organizations, social clubs, & much more. wegather isn’t one of those things, though we certainly could have something to do with all of those things.

wegather.life is a website dedicated to testifying to the reason a bunch of people of like mind & heart are gathering together in various ways & times.

We gather together. We gather because of what Jesus the Christ has done, is doing, & will do; because of which, we gather as directed & empowered by His Spirit, also referred to as the Holy Spirit.

We gather: at times in what appears to be an organized way, but sometimes not. We gather: sometimes in a building, sometimes not. We gather weekly. We gather daily. Sometimes we even gather multiple times a day.

We gather eternal truths we believe in for transformation & transcendence.

We gather because Jesus gathers us. We gather to commission with Him in the movement He started before anything began; in the beginning...